jeudi 18 décembre 2008

Illustration Friday: Rambunctious

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thinker a dit…

It's amazingly fresh, i like it very much.
And i like your idea, our dreams as a place of freedom, where we are truly ourselves.


J'aime tes travaux !!
Et ton blog ,

Bella Sinclair a dit…

Absolutely delightful! The monotone ink is beautiful. It's a shame she cannot be more free and child-like when she is awake, but I'm happy she has a fun place to go when she dreams.

indigene a dit…

I love the monotone color and wonderfully different interpretation!

Cécile a dit…

Hi Thinker, I am glad you like it, it's true it's fresher than my two previous illustrations. I like very much ink drawings, but I haven't found a way to insert colors yet. It's so hard!

Hello Rosàlia, welcome! Bienvenue :)

Hi Bella, yes, the little girl does what she can. She'll be fine, when she groes up she'll draw and paint, just like us :) Thanks for your message.

Hi indigene, I'm very happy you like the illo!


Bien Venue
WELCOME for the link, so nice!!!

Danyell a dit…

Very sweet.

armel a dit…

Mon ange,

c'est un charmant dessin et les effets de l'encre Sennelier sur ce beau papier Fabriano sont juste comme il faut. J'ai hâte de voir le prochain (et je vais aussi essayer de m'y mettre...).


thinker a dit…

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays Cécile!