jeudi 25 décembre 2008

Illustration Friday: Voices/ Voix.

3 commentaires:

thinker a dit…

Interesting, the idea of Love as a character and the voice of Love as an adviser.
And the ink croquis is lovely.
Enjoy the Holidays!

Sara a dit…

Nice sketch. So... you won´t show the finished illustration? *curious*

Cécile a dit…

Thinker: yes, there are many interesting ideas in the novel; Love, Jaleousy, Sense, often give advice to the characters, which is quite poetic :) I am glad you like the sketch, I'll try to do publish the illustration some time this week.

Hi Sara, welcome to this blog and thanks for the comment! :)
Well, the illustration I did is interesting (to me, as a new step in my work) but it feels strange and I am not ready to publish my strange failed personal work on the blog. I might do it later, though, who knows?